Gaby Schwarz nominated – ÖVP clarifies Amon’s successor to the Ombudsman


The ÖVP quickly clarified Werner Amon’s successor as Ombudsman. On Wednesday, the club board voted unanimously in favor of Gaby Schwarz, a member of the National Council. This proposal by the People’s Party has yet to be confirmed at one of the next National Council meetings.

Club boss August Wöginger emphasized in a broadcast that Schwarz also needs the approval of the general meeting of the parliamentary club ÖVP on Thursday. The proposal then goes to the main committee.

The woman from Burgenland has worked in recent years as a health worker and then as a media spokeswoman in the ÖVP club for the interests of the people in this country. In addition, she distinguishes herself mainly through her commitment to crisis intervention.

Came to the party under Sebastian Kurz
Schwarz, whose father was mayor of Eisenstadt for many years, initially made a career for ORF Burgenland. Under Sebastian Kurz, the 59-year-old won the ÖVP, for which she went to the National Council in 2017. Unlike many other career changers, she quickly gained a foothold and represented the People’s Party in the BVT’s investigative committee.

Strange press conference
She was also deputy secretary general of the ÖVP for almost two years. Now follows Schwarz Amon, who will go to the state government of Styria in July. Schwarz caused a stir last year when she told the prosecutor’s office in a bizarre press conference that there was “nothing left” with the ÖVP and that a possible search would therefore be pointless.

Source: Krone


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