Cause basic provision – FPÖ state council alarmed: asylum system before collapse


The Lower Austrian FPÖ Regional Council Gottfried Waldhäusl sees the asylum system in Austria on the brink of collapse. In Lower Austria alone, 14,000 are currently displaced from Ukraine, 12,000 of whom are in basic care, who, along with Syrians and Afghans brought into the country, are pushing the social system and willingness to help the population to its limits, it said. he Thursday.

According to Waldhäusl, at the end of the year, during the high refugee influx in 2015/2016, 12,868 and 13,093 people respectively were in basic care in Lower Austria. Currently, approximately 14,000 people in Lower Austria receive benefits.

In 2016, the financial burden would have been around 200 million euros. 30 million euros has been budgeted for 2022, the extrapolated costs would already amount to around 100 million euros.

“And that in a time of rising prices…”
Given current numbers, Lower Austria faces an even greater burden – at a time of general inflation, the Provincial Council noted.

Criticism of ÖVP
“With the Defense and Interior Departments, the ÖVP has in its hands the two most important partners to protect our compatriots from this asylum chaos. But apparently it is neither willing nor able to put into practice the policies it constantly propagates, instead she engages in smuggling,” Waldhäusl said in a broadcast. An EU-wide agreement is needed. According to the state council, asylum seekers should be sent back to detention centers at the EU’s external borders to deal with asylum procedures.

Source: Krone


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