After mandatory vaccination – smoking: mask requirement possible before autumn


Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) defended Friday the abolition of mandatory vaccination and the extensive lack of corona protection measures, despite the increasing number of infections. One cannot remain in a permanent state of crisis in the third year of the pandemic; In general, there is a trend in Europe to “make living with Corona possible”. If there is a risk that the health system will become overloaded, a new mask requirement for the fall cannot be ruled out.

“I have always said that if we approach a situation that tends to overburden the health system, then of course I am obliged to respond,” Rauch said in the Ö1-Morgenjournaal on the issue of the reintroduction of the obligation to wear masks. to wear in public spaces.

No “mask-up, mask-down” games
Rauch sees no zigzag progression as the mask requirement was only suspended for three months in June. The ministry evaluates the situation on a weekly basis and also observes developments in other countries. Don’t try to play mask-up, mask-down games.

Rauch defended that the mask requirement was not enforced in certain areas, such as public transport, such as in Vienna in view of the expected further corona wave. He assumes that we will have to live with the mask, because even more waves are to be expected in the coming years. Dealing with the pandemic requires personal responsibility, self-assessment and solidarity with others.

“We’ll have to learn that.” During the morning rush hour it is advisable to wear a face mask on public transport, but less so in the evening on an empty train. His goal is in any case to find a middle way between as few restrictions as possible and still be careful.

Intervention in personality and freedom rights
Rauch again defended that the vaccination requirement, which had recently been suspended, should now be completely abolished. This is a huge violation of personal rights and freedoms and according to the Vaccination Commission it would have been disproportionate to focus on vaccination. “I can’t just take an action that’s really blatantly intrusive unless it’s both technically and legally justified, and it wasn’t.”

It has now been decided to abolish it because this measure would divide society. However, in the autumn, given the many crises such as the war in Ukraine, inflation and energy supply problems, “every millimeter of solidarity and community spirit will be needed”.

Source: Krone


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