“They are at the end” – Meinl-Reisinger wants to send the VP to the opposition


NEOS boss Beate Meinl-Reisinger wants the ÖVP “as a civilian” in the opposition. The People’s Party should learn humility there, as Meinl-Reisinger explained on Saturday in several interviews on the occasion of her party’s tenth anniversary.

However, as a party tactician, she would “find it better that they don’t crumble completely and I can choose who to coalition with,” Meinl-Reisinger said of the ÖVP in the Ö1 radio series “Im Journal zu Gast”.

She accused the current coalition of the ÖVP and the Greens of “completely screwed up pandemic management” and inability to make a “fundamental pitch” in response to inflation, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis. The seriousness of the situation is not acknowledged: “I really have the impression that they are at the end.”

On this occasion, the NEOS boss confirmed that she wanted to rule: “There will be no renewal without us, so we lay claim to creative leadership.”

Source: Krone


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