Four mandates won – Medical Association election: MFG list also strong in Lower Austria


After the success in the elections for medical associations in Vienna and Burgenland, the MFG list of doctors is now also successful in Lower Austria. She finished fourth and won a total of four mandates.

The MFG list won 11 percent of the vote among the doctors employed. “The medical association has increasingly turned its back on the interests of its members and is gaining favor with politicians and the mainstream media. This course has now been voted down by many colleagues,” Horst Schuller, leader of the MFG list of doctors in Lower Austria, explained the success.

All nine lists in plenary session
Nine lists have been introduced, four of which are new lists. All factions that have joined have reached the general assembly, the Lower Austrian Medical Association announced in a broadcast on Saturday evening.

“ARGUS” as the group with the most votes
The strongest faction was the “ARGUS – Working Group of Independent Hospital Physicians” led by Josef Sattler. She received 14 of the 53 mandates. Second place with 13 seats was achieved according to the broadcast “Ärzteverband Lower Austria – Team Dr. Andreas Stippler”, which took first place in 2017. “#RELOAD – Hasenhündl/Wiltos/Zeitelberger/Frühwirth” took third place with seven “The Residents/IGMed/ARGUS/Hausarzt:konkret” won five seats, “MFG – Liste Horst Schuller” four. “The INDEPENDENTS”, “Platform Volunteerism” and “Shaping the future together – Team Martina Dinhobl” each had three mandates The “List of Integrative Medicine (LIM)” received one seat.

Fixed change at the top
The constituent general meeting will take place on April 27. A change at the top is inevitable as Christoph Reisner did not take office after 15 years as president.

MFG boss calls for new federal elections
For Michael Brunner, chairman of the MFG Federal Party, the election results are a sign of hope and a test run for the upcoming state elections in Lower Austria. “But the election results also dismantled the constantly-tumbled story, according to which the Corona measures are unanimously supported by all doctors with blind obedience. This so-called pandemic is and has always been just a panic pandemic of the political media. The government should now finally hold new elections and collect their testimonies from the population,” Brunner said.

Source: Krone


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