Heated war of words – police operation in town hall: city council in anger


Citizen list officer Erich Schneider caused a real scandal during his first city council meeting in Oberwaltersdorf (Lower Austria). A heated debate with mayor Natascha Matousek forced the police to intervene. After intensive consultation with the officials, the meeting could be continued…

There were heated discussions and serious faces at the town council meeting in Oberwaltersdorf, Baden district. The trigger was Erich Schneider, the self-proclaimed Reibebaum and the mandatory citizen list. As reported, Schneider had already caused a scandal when he was sworn in. At his first city council meeting, he immediately let the next one follow.

“He did not like the assigned seat and sat next to me. Because he insisted on the spot, I had to change position,” reports Mayor Natascha Matousek (VP). But the seat turbulence should not remain the only one. Schneider tore up the word several times, resisting calls for order from the local chief — until the police were called.

After intensive discussions with the officials, the meeting continued without further interruptions. We’ll see how long the rest lasts.

Source: Krone


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