Vortex in Government – Aid to Ukraine: Green Strategist Master of Millions


Stefan Wallner has been considered the green chief strategist and a tough negotiator with the ÖVP in recent years. In April, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler’s chief of staff announced his departure from politics. Before his political retirement, Wallner had negotiated donations to Ukraine.

Now the former general secretary of Caritas has a new job, or rather a new calling: he will coordinate Ukrainian aid to neighbors in need until the end of the year.

This is causing a stir within the government. Because, as Kogler’s right-hand man, Wallner had collaborated intensively on the lecture of the Council of Ministers about who should receive the doubled gifts from the government. Just all the way to the local non-profit private foundation. He is now the boss of exactly 41.96 million euros.

“Woe, that would have done a Turk”
When you talk to political observers, words like compliance rules or the cooling-off phase after politics come up. And: “Woe, if a Turkish man had done that, there would be another fire on the roof.” Moreover, it is rather unusual in international development cooperation that such a huge amount does not go to international organizations such as the Red Cross. or UNICEF.

Source: Krone


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