Woman Nearly Dead – Vienna: Was Rape Attempted Murder?


Only emergency surgery could save the young woman’s life. Two perpetrators have been convicted. The third has to go back to court for attempted murder.

She will never be able to lead a normal life again. This is confirmed by the psychiatric expert in the Vienna Regional Court. A 30-year-old kindergarten teacher has been through terrible things. When an exuberant party night came to an end in July 2020, she decided to party in an apartment with an acquaintance and two other men.

Victim lost two liters of blood
From that moment on, the woman noticed little more. “She used a mix of alcohol and drugs at a high level. She was defenseless,” the prosecutor clarifies. The three men shamelessly took advantage of this situation: they raped and humiliated the 30-year-old for hours. They sent the woman home. with two cuts to her abdomen. “The fact that she did not die was extremely fortunate,” the prosecutor said.

imprisonment for all offenders
As early as June 2021, all three men were eventually sentenced to prison terms for sexually abusing a defenseless woman. The main perpetrator was given 20 years and the currently charged Turk was also charged with attempted murder through negligence.

New trial for attempted murder
In the latter case, the OGH overturned the verdict for lack of jury instruction. So we are renegotiating. It should be clarified whether the 40-year-old defendant was able to recognize the young woman’s danger to life. Because he doesn’t want that. When asked about the bloodstains in the apartment, he only said, “I didn’t assume she was injured.” The verdict is still pending.

Source: Krone


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