In Styria – no emergency doctors, 2 deaths: now comes the crisis summit


The emergency care system in Styria, which has been given a new foundation, is suffering. The Medical Association has also “sniffed” – in the run-up to the restructuring, there was no discussion with the experts. Now the governor is pulling the string.

The new emergency care system in Styria suffers from acute symptoms of illness. This is evidenced by the heavy criticism of a Red Cross employee in the “Krone” and two tragic deaths: Last Sunday, a 50-year-old Lassinger died because there was no emergency doctor and no doctor could attend Corpus Christi to a patient with cardiac arrest sent.

Medical Association Reports “Serious Concerns”
The organization of the emergency system 2022 was provided by the National Health Care Company (GVG). Of course, politics with ÖVP Health Minister Juliane Bogner-Strauß set the tone. But what has changed recently? Doctors have recently been able to ride in emergency ambulances, for example with their own surgery. If they are employed in hospitals in Styria, they must be deployed outside normal working hours and there is a financial contribution for this.

The greased rates are intended to attract young doctors in particular. Now the Medical Association is reporting “serious concerns”!

In the run-up to restructuring, the country apparently played “silent mail”. Those responsible involve the emergency physicians too little or not at all in the planning: “If you develop a system without talking to the people first, it inevitably leads to problems,” complains Dietmar Bayer, vice president of the Medical Association.

You would have (had) some suggestions to improve the model. “Taking such a step requires joint development. In general, it’s about reorganizing care – the barriers between the established medical sector and the hospital need to be removed.”

“The system does not work in the region”
SPÖ Member of Parliament Michaela Grubesa can sing a song about the dramatic situation in the Ennstal and Ausseerland. “It was never easy to find emergency doctors for services, but now it is almost impossible. It can no longer be like this!” The problem is also not a phenomenon in Upper Styria, other regions are also affected.

The following example shows other flaws in the system. A man recently collapsed in a hotel in Ausseerland, collapsed. They wanted to call a doctor quickly, but no one was on duty. So the emergency doctor had to move out of Bad Aussee – and was blocked for acute emergencies.

Governor pulls a string
Now the new governor Christopher Drexler, who is also in charge of the emergency doctor, intervenes: “Next week we will convene an emergency doctor summit, at which the current situation will be analyzed in detail,” he announced to the “Krone”. Representatives of Kages, the Red Cross, the civil defense and the medical association were also present.

Source: Krone


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