State of the nation debate July 12, 2022, first with Sánchez at the head of La Moncloa


The debate will last three days, in which all political groups will participate. Sanchez is expected to announce new anti-crisis measures at a time when the coalition is particularly weakened.

Euskaraz irakurri: Asteartean hasiko da Nazioaren egoerari buruzko Eztabaida, lehenengoa Sanchez Espainiako president denetik

On Tuesday, in the Congress of Deputies, the State of the Nation Debatea wide-ranging debate in which all the issues that the political agenda of the Spanish Executive, and also takes stock of the done Until now.

The last debate took place in 2015, with Mariano Rajoy as Spanish president and Pedro Sánchez himself as head of the opposition. The first took place in 1983 and since then a total of 25 such debates have been held on an annual basis, excluding the years when general elections have been called or several months have passed since the last one.

On this occasion, the President of the Spanish Government will announce new measures targeting the middle and working classin response to the current “exceptional” situation and the executive is confident that the coalition will emerge stronger, as Isabel Rodriguez indicated Monday.

The session starts at 12:00 noon with the presentation by Pedro Sánchez before the Chamber of a communication that, on the one hand, calls for the Debate on the State of the Nation to be held and, on the other hand, defines in the text the most relevant issues to which the government gives more relevance to the discussion in plenary . However, the groups can introduce other topics that they consider important.

Once the notice has been presented and cleared for processing by the Congress table, the presidency of the chamber, in agreement with the council of spokespersons, convenes a monographic plenary meeting, the development of which is broadened in general, for three days: the first two for the debate itself and the last for the consideration of the motions for resolutions.

Once Sánchez’s presentation is over, the session will be paused until: 4 pm, when the intervention of the political groups begins, from high to low. In this phase, each group has 30 minutes to speak, after which the Spanish President can respond (no time limit). Then there would be a 10 minute response time, the government response, a 5 minute rejoinder and the last response from the Spanish government.

Group turns are as follows: Popular Party, Vox, United-We Can, ERC, Plural Group, Cs, PNV, EH Bildu, Mixed Group and finally the PSOE Alberto Núñez Feijóo will be present, but he will not be able to intervene because he has no substitute.

Once the debate is over, a period opens for political groups to table proposals for resolutions, with a maximum of 15 per group. For example, the Table will meet on Thursday to allow these 150 proposals for processing, which will ultimately go to one vote.

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