Promoting form of mobility – National agreement bicycle initiative sealed


On Monday, an agreement was signed in the city hall of Vienna for a bicycle initiative, with which the federal, state and local governments want to strengthen this form of mobility. Minister of Environment and Transport Leonore Gewessler (Greens) confirmed the goal to increase the share of bicycles from seven to 13 percent. The bicycle will be the center of attention in the town hall until Tuesday – at the 13th Austrian Bike Summit.

As Gewessler noted, cycling is booming. Referring to the current situation in Ukraine, she also emphasized that no fossil resources are needed: “Cycling is a form of mobility that does not require Russian oil.” Together with the Vienna Transport Council Ulli Sima (SPÖ), the Vorarlberger Mobility Provincial Councilor Daniel Zadra (Greens) and chairman of the Municipal Association Alfred Riedl confirmed that they want to carry out the bicycle offensive together.

Means quite increased
According to the federal government, the expansion objectives are laid down in the national energy and climate plan, in the government program and in the mobility master plan. The current agreement includes ten points. In concrete terms, adequate funds must be ensured, for example for the construction of the necessary infrastructure. According to the department head, the resources have been increased this year from 40 to 60 million euros. In addition, the new funding program to support the Austrian federal states, cities, municipalities and companies was opened for submission in April

The development of bicycle-friendly regulations must also be promoted. Gewessler stressed that traffic rules should be checked and revised accordingly. This should increase the safety of this form of mobility in traffic.

amplify cycling
Viennese city councilor Sima reported on the recently presented cycle path extension program. 44 new projects are planned for this year alone, she emphasizes. Colleague Zadra referred to the very high proportion of cycling in Vorarlberg compared to the national average – and was pleased that, as he put it, another gear was being shifted. City council chairman Riedl praised investments in, among other things, the bicycle as a reinforcement of regional trade, since those who travel by bicycle are more likely to shop in the area.

13th Austrian cycling top
More than 500 local and international experts take part in the City Hall Cycling Summit, which is organized by the City’s Ministry of Climate Protection and the Mobility Office. Workshops and excursions are also on the program.

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