Reprimand for government – VdB: Confidence in the Chancellor must increase again


In connection with the communication about the energy crisis, Alexander Van der Bellen has criticized the federal government. “It has to get better – that’s clear. The government must react faster and communicate, above all, it must go further,” said the Federal President. Despite the meager polls for turquoise green, the head of state hopes for a turnaround: “I wish, especially in the turbulent times in which we find ourselves currently, that confidence in the government and also in the chancellor through suitable work.”

In interviews with the “Vorarlberger Nachrichten” and the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”, Van der Bellen showed understanding for the “great concerns” of citizens about the price trend and said: “It is now necessary to help everyone who cannot take care of their lives. can do more. Solidarity and cohesion are the order of the day.”

Call to the government
Van der Bellen also appealed to the federal government: “The population knows that predictions are difficult and that in these times no one can say exactly what will come. Still, we have to think about different scenarios and possible solutions in order to be prepared.” The aim must be to do everything possible to guide Austria through this difficult situation. “Business and politics must go hand in hand here.”

Van der Bellen thinks the summit proposed by Viennese mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) is “a good idea”. The federal government, the opposition, the provincial governors, the social partners and the associations of industrialists should “think together about measures that do not completely eliminate the price mechanism, but help people sufficiently”.

Praise for Wifo boss’s suggestion
He also finds Wifo boss Gabriel Felbermayr’s proposal for a limit on electricity price bills “very interesting, now we have to think how this can work”. You will also have to “invent something” with everyday products and groceries.

Hofburg election: Van der Bellen rejects TV confrontation
Van der Bellen rejects a TV confrontation with his opponents in the presidential elections on October 9. “The purpose of these formats is to identify the candidates and their suitability for the position. The citizens have come to know me as Federal President over the past five and a half years. You have been able to get an impression of how I run the office, how I think, act and trade. So why a political show?”

No sitting Federal President took part in such TV duels in the new elections, “everyone kept the dignity of the office. I am sure the Austrians will applaud that,” said Van der Bellen.

Criticism of Rosary
Van der Bellen is already slightly critical of FPÖ candidate Walter Rosenkranz: “His first statements as a candidate irritated me because he would welcome Austria’s exit from the EU under certain conditions. I have a fundamentally different view on that.”

Source: Krone


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