Start of assistance – from Wednesday, families will receive 180 euros per child


The green-turquoise government’s anti-inflation package, which was drafted in June, will be launched on Wednesday. Families are the first to get a chance and the tax authorities will transfer 180 euros per child on 3 August. The money goes to the account together with the normal child benefit, but is stated separately on the account statement.

1.8 million children in 1.1 million families would benefit from this measure, Minister for Family Affairs Susanne Raab (ÖVP) said at a press conference on Tuesday: “Of course inflation mainly affects families, housing, shopping – but also the upcoming school and Start. of kindergarten in the fall.” That is why the go-ahead is now being given for support.

The family time bonus is no longer withheld
In addition to the special child benefit of 180 euros, the Family Bonus Plus can be applied for as a tax deduction contribution in the autumn and the anti-inflation premium follows as a further deduction for everyone in Austria. In addition, they want to create an incentive for fathers to take up family time (“daddy month”). The family time allowance of 700 euros, which is granted to fathers during this period, will no longer be deducted in the future if they later receive child benefits.

Finance Minister Magnus Brunner (ÖVP) said one must “strengthen families in these challenging times”: “We are all feeling the effects of inflation and the war in Europe.” Brunner said the federal government is taking people’s concerns seriously. “We can We can never fully absorb global developments, but we can take emergency measures,” said the Minister of Finance.

Source: Krone


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