Focus on Mattle – ÖVP missing from the ballot for the Tyrolean state elections


A look at the constituency proposals for the Tyrolean state elections on September 25 is surprising. Where otherwise all parties are represented with their abbreviations, the People’s Party is apparently fully committed to its top candidate Anton Mattle. If it is a mistake, you can still complain about it.

“MATTLE – Anton Mattle Tyrolean People’s Party” – this is the election proposal submitted by the Tyrolean ÖVP to the constituency authority for the upcoming state elections in September. While other parties have the well-known party abbreviation (such as SPÖ, FPÖ, GRÜNE, etc.), the People’s Party will likely rely entirely on its top candidate Anton Mattle. This also caused confusion online.

If there is a mistake, the ÖVP can have it corrected by mid-next week, as the state of Tyrol informs: “Should any correctable deficiencies be found in the district election proposals, a procedure for correcting deficiencies will be ordered by the district electoral authority until August 10, 2022. If necessary, incorrect nominations can be supplemented, nominations can be withdrawn or individual candidates can be submitted until August 8, 2022.” On August 11, the district elections will make a final decision on the approval and ranking of the nominations.

Lack of familiarity as a background?
The reason for this approach may also be the lack of awareness of the VP top candidate. An IMAD study commissioned by the “Tiroler Krone” recently yielded a surprising result. Only 78 percent of the Tyroleans know the new ÖVP chairman. This puts him in fourth place behind FP club boss Markus Abwerzger (87 percent), SPÖ boss Georg Dornauer (84) and Groenen top candidate Gebi Mair (80).

Source: Krone


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