The Ertzaintza investigates the threats and insults against Mikel Iturgaiz and the attack on a friend at parties in Getxo


Today around 6:00 am Mikel Iturgaiz addressed an Ertzaintza patrol at the Romo festival site to denounce that he had been threatened and insulted by a group of people because of his political beliefs.

The Ertzaintza examines the threats and insults to which Mikel Iturgaiz, son of the president of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, has been subjected, as well as the blow received by a friend during the festivities in the Biscayan city of Getxo.

According to the Ertzaintza, around 6 a.m. today, a civilian, who turned out to be Mikel Iturgaiz, went to an Ertzaintza patrol at the Romo festival site to report that he had been threatened and insulted by a group of people based on their political affiliation.

The woman who accompanied him also told officers that he had come to defend him and had been punched in the face. A complaint was filed earlier this afternoon about the events.

Carlos Iturgaiz’s son has been able to identify some aggressors and the Ertzaintza has already opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

The spokesperson for PP in GetxoEduardo Andrade, has published a tweet asking all the municipal factions of the city council of this Biscayan city to condemn these acts.

Andrade accompanies his remark with some posters against the Ertzaintza.

The general secretary of the PP of Euskadi, Laura Garrido, has also expressed her condemnation on social networks, considering it a “new example of fascism in its purest form” against the Ertzaintza and the son of the president of the Basque PP .

the lehendakari, Inigo Urkullucondemned the attack on Facebook and showed its solidarity with those affected.

“Any aggression, physical or verbal, threats and insults, is intolerable. Whoever it is,” said the lehendakari. “In this way I also show my rejection of what prompted the complaint lodged in Getxo today. Once again, I conveyed to the President of the Basque PP my condemnation for these events and my solidarity with the two people affected,” added he to it.

In this sense, he assured that “the feeling of the vast majority of Basque society against this kind of behavior is indisputable and absolutely reprehensible. We must continue to show this at every opportunity of intolerance.

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Source: EITB


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