Corona vaccination – “Didn’t hurt”: Rauch took the 4th stab


Minister of Health Johannes Rauch (Greens) was vaccinated against the corona virus for the fourth time on Friday. In his home country of Vorarlberg, the 63-year-old smoker received his fourth suture, as recommended by the National Immunization Commission (NIG). “It didn’t hurt at all,” he told the numerous journalists and camera teams who attended the exhibition center in Dornbirn. In a few words, Rauch appealed to the elderly population to do the same.

His primary vaccination course was more than six months ago, now after the fourth vaccination he is “well protected in the fall and winter,” Rauch said. He was vaccinated with the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine and received his vaccination certificate before leaving the vaccination center.

Vaccination remains the most important tool in the pandemic, all studies have shown that immunization protects against a severe course of the disease and Lung Covid, Rauch emphasized.

Valneva Inactivated Vaccine Coming Soon
With regard to basic vaccination, he mainly asked people who had only received two stitches to get vaccinated. The health minister was also optimistic that Valneva’s inactivated vaccine, which would be available in late August/early September, could convince some people to get vaccinated. The population will be comprehensively informed in conjunction with the medical profession, Rauch said. There is no point in waiting for an adapted vaccine. The available vaccines are good.

NIG recommends 4th stitch for people 60 and older
Last Wednesday, the NIG extended its recommendation for the booster vaccination against Covid-19 – or the fourth attachment – to people over 60. Before that, the age limit was set at 65 years. The recommendation was thus standardized in accordance with Europe-wide specifications. In addition, risk persons from the age of twelve are also advised to follow a refresher course.

The booster vaccination should not be given earlier than four months, but in any case from six months after completion of the primary vaccination course with three vaccinations or after a PCR-confirmed infection. According to the application advice, a booster vaccination is still “generally not recommended” for healthy, immune-competent individuals aged 12 to 59 years.

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