Spanish double in the 4×400 relay


The men’s 4×400 relay, with a time of 3:01.27, the third best mark of all time, earned its pass to the final of the European Championships in Munichas well as the female relay, which agreed to fight for medals with the seventh fastest time among all participants.

The men’s team, consists of Samuel García, Lucas Búa, Oscar Husillos and Manuel Guijarroqualified for the final of the European Championships in Munich with his series victory and clocked 3:01.27, the third best mark of all time.

The race was started by the Canarian Samuel García, who passed the baton in second place to Lucas Búa, from Toledo, who remained in position.. The third reliever was Oscar Husillos from Palencia, who had the fastest time of the four (45.07), before handing the baton to Manuel Guijarro from Albacete, whose sprint allowed Spain to win the series.

Behind, only thirty hundred, finished the Netherlands, who also entered the final with the second fastest time (3:01.57) among all participants.

The other countries entering the final, apart from Spain and the Netherlands, are Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Great Britain and Italy.

The women’s 4×400 relay will also enter the final that, along with a group consisting of Eva Santidrián, Aauri Bokesa, Berta Segura and Laura Hernández, finished the first series of semifinals in fifth place with a time of 3:27.76, a record that allowed them to pass times in seventh place.

The fastest of all the semifinals was the British, who stopped the clock in 3:23.79. Joining them and the Spaniards in the final are the Belgians, Dutch, Poles, Irish, Swiss and the hosts, the Germans.

Source: La Verdad


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