Foggia dominated the free seconds in Moto3


The Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda) took the lead in the provisional practice standings at the end of the second round of free practice of the Moto3 Austrian Grand Prix, on the “Red Bull Ring” circuit in the town of Spielberg, ahead of the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM) and the British John McPhee (Husqvarna).

Although the sun did not appear at any time, at least the rain did not fall again on the Spielberg circuit, which led to improved asphalt conditions for the second round of free practice in Moto3, where at the beginning of the change Almost all the pilots put down their best times in the morning and the successive leaders were almost unspeakable in those moments.

At each step on the finish line, the author of the fastest lap was a different rider, the Italian Stefano Nepa (KTM) started, but he was followed at some points by the Spaniards Jaume Masá (KTM), Daniel Holgado ( KTM) or Iván Ortolá (KTM), the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna) and Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda), the Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda) or the British John McPhee (Husqvarna).

Before the halfway point in the second session, Ayumu Sasaki had reduced the best time of the morning by more than nine seconds by shooting 1:42.165, chased by the Spanish trio consisting of Daniel Holgado, Iván Ortolá and Jaume Masiá, although all foreshadowed with a long way to go on the time table.

Meanwhile, the world leader, Sergio García Dols spent a good part of the session finding his own rhythm riding alone, which ultimately allowed him to achieve the fifth fastest timejust behind his own teammate and one of the main rivals for the title, It’s Guevara.

The final minutes will be intense and if the first reference is Ayumu Sasaki’s record, it did not take long for the Spanish Jaume Masiá to surpass it for the first time, and later, the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM), who after a few second was involved in a crash with Frenchman Lorenzo Fellon (Honda) at turn one, although both were able to start their bikes and continue the session.

At the time, the category leader was Deniz Oncü, 1:41.816, with around two and a half tenths over Ayumu Sasaki, but as the checkered flag waved on the home straight, the Italian Dennis Foggia jumped into the fray to take first place (1:41.774), becoming the fastest in Moto3 for this first day on Austrian soil.

After Foggia Öncü, with McPhee in third position at the front Suzuki, the Brazilian Diogo Moreira (KTM) and the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki.

The first Spaniard in the category was Jaume Masiá, in ninth placeat the head of a group that also includes David Muñoz (KTM), Daniel Holgado (KTM), Izan Guevara and Sergio García Dols.

So far, Carlos Tatay (CFMoto), Iván Ortolá, Adrián Fernández (KTM), Xavier Artigas and Ana Carrasco (KTM) have not earned their right to be in the second direct classification.

Source: La Verdad


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