UEFA threatens to punish PSG and Marseille


Having come under scrutiny from UEFA due to their defeats, PSG and Marseille are now exposed to more direct sanctions. According to L’Équipe, the financial body of the European Confederation (ICFC) sent a settlement agreement to both clubs. These penalties are economic in nature, but it could become so at the sporting level if things do not change in the coming seasons.

PSG’s deficit exceeds the 30 million euros allowed in the last three years, and both teams lead the Al Khelaifi like Marseille they are forced to restructure their accounts progressively if they don’t want to face more severe penalties. The ICFC was not convinced by the files they received from PSG or Marseille, where it decided to send a reconciliation agreement -in other words, a financial fine- which they ignored.

The two French clubs have the power to refuse to face these sanctions and go to TAS if necessary, but if they are finally shown to have violated the financial regulations established by UEFA, they could even risk being excluded from competitions in Europe. In the past, PSG was forced to sign a conciliation agreement worth 60 million euros in 2014 for its bad behavior in this matter.

In June 2018, after months of investigating the Paris accounts to judge the true value of their sponsorship contracts, the ICFC investigation chamber filed the case “without further ado”. However, a few weeks later, the sentencing chamber ignored the investigation by ordering a “re-examination” of the PSG case. In the end, CAS closed this folder considering that the deadlines had been exceeded.

Source: La Verdad


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