Badosa explodes for balls to be used at US Open: “Impossible to control”


Ten days before the start of the US Open in New York, Controversy is growing over the use of different balls between the men’s and women’s circuits, with players such as Iga Swiatek and Paula Badosawho regretted that they were more difficult to control.

They fly absurdly“Swiatek recently said in Cincinnati.”impossible to control“, Badosa added this Friday on Instagram.

The US Open it is the only ‘big one’ where different balls are used between the men’s circuit, the ATP, and the women’s, the WTAwith heavier balls for male players and lighter ones for female players.


Swiatek lamented that the balls used in women’s tennis, being lighter, are more difficult to control and “fly absurdly”, adding that the players already have a physical preparation that allows them to play more heavy balls without the risk of elbow problems.

I honestly don’t like them (…) Now we have a very powerful game, it’s not like ten years ago, when, except for Serena (Williams), the girls played slower tennis“Swiatek said at a news conference in Cincinnati, the last 1,000 tournaments before the start of the US Open.

We make more mistakes, no doubt. I don’t think it looks good. I don’t know why they are different from men. I don’t know, maybe fifteen years ago the girls had elbow problems because the balls were heavier and they changed them. But now we are so well prepared physically that I don’t think that will be a problem.”

The added problem of this difference, which they complain about on the WTA circuit, is that these balls are very hard to come by in Europe, so it is difficult to practice with them.


Paula Badosa joined Swiatek this Fridaynumber 4 in the world, who shared the Pole’s remarks and assured that he “strongly agrees”.

“Very unfavorable conditions for the players and for the show. Then we complain that there are many mistakes and the tactics and intelligence in the points are lost. Faster tracks and IMPOSSIBLE balls to controlBadosa wrote on her Instagram account.

This is not a new problem, and several players, including Swiatek and Badosa, they raised the possibility of replacing them last year at the WTA.

To this is added the fact that, until last year, the balls had different brands depending on the tournaments.

In Washington they competed with Penn balls, in Toronto with Wilson, in Cincinnati with Penn and in the US Open with Wilson. This kind of change also creates problems for players, according to Swiatek.

This year the system is unified and one type of ball is used in these tournaments, but the US Open it is the only ‘big one’ where different balls are used.

I haven’t played the women’s circuit balls and can’t say anything. I have no idea of ​​the difference“Russian Daniil Medvedev said at a recent press conference.


The US Open will be held in New York from August 29 to September 11.. So far, there have been no reactions to Swiatek’s claims.

Meanwhile, the US Tennis Federation (USTA) reported that the tournament this year it will distribute the highest prize ever, with a total of 60 million dollars at stake.

Tournament champions in the men’s and women’s categories will win $2.6 million each, while the finalists will walk away with $1.3 million.

The most significant increase was registered in the prizes of the first roundswhich would be $80,000 for first in the main draw and $121,000 for second.

Source: La Verdad


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