The Australian GP has experienced a new logistical scare


This weekend, after two years of absence, the Australian GP dispute. However, there are chances that unexpected complications will reappear. A strange moment was experienced in 2020, with the cancellation of the event in Australia minutes before the first free training sessions began due to the pandemic. And in 2021 the appointment is not on the calendar. Two years later, the many problems suffered by the freight transport sector due to the effects of the pandemic and also due to the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine put the celebration of the event as planned in serious complications.

Without further ado, last week, MotoGP experienced an atypical weekend due to the delay of a plane having to carry parts from several teams, which forced the Friday and Saturday sessions to include the same day of the marathon as Saturday. And a week later, the same thing could happen in F1, as the material of up to 3 out of a total of 10 Formula 1 teams was stranded in the port of Singapore and suffered a week’s delay.

Because of the risk that the material will arrive late, DHL, F1’s logistics partnergo down to work to resolve the situation, bringing the same logistics vice president, Paul Fowler, to the scene to resolve the situation.

Paul traveled from the UK to Singapore and cleared the logjam using three cargo planes (two Boeing 777s and a 767-300), one of which came from Lon Angeles, and another, from Vietnam. This way, DHL was able to get the material last Monday, at the start of the week, thus avoiding problems for the Australian GP’s proper celebration.

High transportation prices

“We witnessed, apparently, a bidding war. We went from prices from 900 dollars (820 euros) per container, to approximately 20,000 dollars (over 18,300 euros)”, express Paul Fowler with rising transport prices as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, something that directly affects a competition like F1, a ‘Great Circus’ that moves around the world.

The material moving by sea transport is not cars, but spare parts, assembly equipment, marketing and public relations material, material that can be shipped in advance to reduce transportation costs, but in in this case, it needs to be uploaded on three planes to land. in time for the appointment.

Source: La Verdad


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