The Women’s Professional League was officially presented on September 6


Next September 6 will be a very special day for the new Women’s Professional Soccer League. This is the day chosen by the new professional competition to present itself to society and it will be done in a gala scheduled to be held in a central location in the capital of Spain.

This will be the opportunity to socially recognize the president of the professional competition, Beatrice Alvarez that she just became a mother and that was an obstacle so that she could not attend some events that the LPFF such as the Assembly held at the headquarters of CDS where the Delegate Commission of the women’s professional league was formed.

Beatrice Alvarez, as this newspaper has learned, has had a meeting in recent weeks with the President and Secretary of State for Sports. A gala held taking advantage of the fact that a few days later the new competition scheduled for the weekend of September 10 and 11 will begin on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Television rights have been granted

At that time the LPFF will know the operator who will be in charge of broadcasting the competition, whether closed or if there is an open match. Last Tuesday the LPFF opened the contest to the public and it will end on September 1 at 12:00. A day later when the possible assignees will be known.

And on that date it will be known the “naming” that will go with the new competition, barring any setbacks.

The procedures carried out by the men’s LaLiga within the agreement they signed last week and for the next five years and in which they expect to earn around 42 million euros.

The conflict of the non-community

On that date one of the capital issues must be resolved before the competition begins. This is about the issue of the non-community cap. The LPFF bet half of the licenses (12) out of 24 will have 16 First teams. FUTPRO, the union presents in the final meetings with the RFEF, part of an initial position of 3 licenses. There are other issues on the table in terms of competition drawn up by the RFEF and denounced by the women’s league. In addition, the cost of arbitration and the new collective agreement of soccer players must be determined in the short term.

Source: La Verdad


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