Katir: “I want to beat Ingebrigtsen and at work I hope I can do it”


The athlete Mohamed Katirwho won this summer bronze in the 1,500-meter World Cup and silver in the 5,000-meter European event, was received this Friday in his hometown, Mula (Murcia), where he felt the love of several dozen neighbors in an action where he said that this support “is more than a medal” and has shown his ambition to try to dethrone young Norwegian Jakob Ingebrigtsen, undisputed dominator of the middle ground and world bottom. “I want to surpass him and at work I hope I can do it in the future,” he declared.

The 24-year-old Murcian who has lived in Since he was 5, when he arrived with his family from the Moroccan town of Alcazarquivir, where he was born, became the star of a warm tribute, as happened previously to the other two medalists of the Region in the recent European Championship held in the German city of Munich, Mariano García and Miguel Ángel López Nicolás, who was declared the continental champion of 800 meters and 35 kilometers of walking.

The two were also honored this week in Fuente Álamo and the Murcian district of Llano de Brujas, respectively, and this Friday it was Katir, who said that his was “a great victory” and that “it is not easy to win medals.at this level.

Katir was received with applause by his neighbors and members of the municipal corporation, with the mayor, Juan Jesús Moreno, at the head and greeted everyone who approached him. In addition, he received some melons as a gift and he presented the medals won this summer in the US city of Eugene and in Munich.

Moreno said of Mohamed that he is Mula’s “number 1 ambassador and a source of pride”, stressing that the athlete is “abusing them with the results he is getting”.

Both the mayor and Katir spoke from the balcony of City Hall, where a letter was placed that read ‘Mohamed Katir, Muleño’s pride’, and the athlete thanked “for this great reception, which is a source of pride for to me And it’s worth more than a medal.

The Muleño, who did not hide that he expected to take a vacation and “total disconnect” after a very demanding and successful season for him, insisted on showing his gratitude to those who support him.

I always bring my family and my people and I feel like I’ve been with them since I started in the world of athletics, ten years ago. During that time there were good times and bad times, and this one was very good,” he said.

Regarding what happened in the final of 5,000 meters in the European Championship, he defined the difficulty of what was achieved.

We were 25 athletes for one lane and normally there were pushes and elbows, but I wanted to win and I thought about that. In the end I was second behind Jakob Ingebrigtsen and I want to win and in work I hope to do it in the future”, he commented.

“When I’m strong I always come out to show who I am, like I did,” he added.

Source: La Verdad


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