Piastri explained the reason why he left Alpine


Piastri explained the reason why he left Alpine

the australian Oscar Piastri, who on Friday was confirmed by McLaren as the replacement for his compatriot Daniel Ricciardo, confirmed that Alpine’s “lack of clarity”where he is a reserve driver, about his future is one of the reasons that initiated his change of team and considers that the movements of the French team are “confusing”.

Piastri signs an agreement with McLaren, Alpine considers he has a contract until the end of 2023 with the possibility of extending it and, finally, the Contract Recognition Board intervened to determine that he could sign for what would become his team in the coming years.

“The CRB decision confirmed that he is out of contract for the 2023 season (with Alpine). I am free to choose my destiny and I feel that McLaren is a good opportunity. To be completely honest, there was a lack of clarity about my future with the Alpine team.“, he assured in an interview on the official website of Formula 1.

Having decided to look for a place for 2023, Alpine offered Fernando Alonso a new contract, but in the end the Spaniard chose Aston Martin.

They have publicly declared that they want to continue with Fernando for at least a year or two. I respect that. But after a year, my hopes were firmly pinned on a seat in Alpine and the lack of clarity and, like Fernando, I had a little strange feeling in the negotiations, I felt it was not the right decision for me. (to stay),” he warned.

The “lack of clarity” about his future and “breakdown of trust”, along with a “very attractive offer from McLaren” led to the changebut Alpine came to announce him as Alonso’s replacement.

I made my decision early (after Alonso’s departure), which made Alpine’s announcement perhaps even more confusing and unsettling. because we told the team that this is not going to continue. It’s annoying because the ad was wrong and it also denied me the chance to say goodbye to everyone at Enstone.”

Piastri, who remains “reserved” for Alpine, reckons that McLaren has a “competitive car” and that it offers him an “ideal environment”.

“The team has big plans and the future is exciting. I’m also really looking forward to working and driving alongside Lando (Norris). I know it will be a challenge, but I feel McLaren is the right place to start my life in Formula 1. I’m super excited to start.”, he commented.

Source: La Verdad


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