Alba Redondo: “These two goals are positive for me”


Alba Roundplayer of the Spanish soccer team, considered the two goals he scored in the 5-0 win against Ukraine in the final match of the qualifying phase for World Cup 2023.

“It’s always positive and enjoyable to help the team with the goals. It was a controlled game, where we had better and worse moments. The goals happened and we can talk about a great that success,” he said.

“We want to start the league. These two goals are positive for me. I will leave with a good feeling not only because of the goals but because I know how to find myself tactically,” he added in a press conference.

At the presentation of the professional league, the attacker said: “As a player I can say you live for this. We expect it to start and it is a very positive point for Spanish women’s football”.

He also defined the figure of Jenny is beautifulwith whom he shared ownership of the game: “She makes it very easy, she’s very complete, she helped you on and off the pitch. She’s a benchmark and it’s normal.”

Source: La Verdad


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