Alonzo: "I think I will run for another two or three years"


The two -time world champion Fernando Alonso he is enjoying his return to Formula 1 and hopes to continue another two or three years in the series, the Spaniard said on Friday.

Alonso returned last season from a two -year hiatus after being frustrated with the sport and agreed to his one -year contract extension with Alpine for this season.

Australian reserve driver Oscar Piastri is waiting for his turn, but Alonso said he did not feel pressure to keep his seat.

“Obviously, if I was 25 years old, it wouldn’t be talked about”he told reporters at Albert Park on Friday before the Australian Grand Prix. “It’s something at this age that people are trying to give way for young talent. But I think it’s about performance“, counted.

Alonso, the oldest driver in F1, finished last season in tenth position in the championship, seven points ahead of his teammate, Frenchman Esteban Ocon, who was eleventh. “Last year I think I did well. I was a little ahead of Esteban, “he said.

“We are going to see this year how the battle goes. It is about performance, not age,” he said. “Like I said at the beginning of the year, I still feel competitive and fast, and I feel like I’m enjoying my time in Formula 1. So I’m going to run, I think, a few more years, two or three more years“, Finished.

Alonso, ninth at the start of the season in Bahrain, is hoping to return to points at Albert Park on Sunday after failing to finish in Saudi Arabia.

Source: La Verdad


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