Lived in the Caribbean – “Wiener Peter” from the red light district arrested again


The “Viennese godfather of St. Pauli”, who liked to show off with scantily clad women, made headlines with “Krone”. Homesickness drove him from his Caribbean hometown, and in Germany the handcuffs clicked again after he was released early after 22 years.

A former Viennese underworld giant remembers the now 71-year-old Carinthian. Born in Carinthia, he was known in the red light district of Hamburg and infamously as the “Viennese Peter” – although he never played a part in the federal capital scene, like Toni Österreicher, the only remaining underworld of the Belt of the past. , the “Krone” knows how to report.

“His territories were Carinthia and Salzburg. You knew his name – but that’s all. He had nothing to report in Vienna.” And yet the red light pensioner (82) has something in common with Josef Peter Nusser, who has now been arrested in Frankfurt: “I was also on his list, it turned out later. I struggled with the competition – and he wanted me to get beat up in a bar in Salzburg. Which, thanks to a lucky coincidence, didn’t happen.”

“Viennese godfather of St. Pauli” back behind bars
Now the 71-year-old “Viennese godfather of St. Pauli” (as reported) is back behind bars. Out of carelessness or forgetfulness, in 2000, the man sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and robbery was released early – on the condition that he would never set foot in Germany again. But the Carinthian, who has lived in the Dominican Republic ever since, was homesick and made a stopover in Frankfurt. Access!

Source: Krone


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