French: “Real Zaragoza had a big impetus to renew me”


Alexander Frenchdefense of Real Saragossapointed out after renewing last Wednesday with the Aragonese team until 2025, that the “momentum” the club had to renew its contract was “excellent”.

“We talked many times. The club had a big impetus to renew me and even though I had some good offers, I decided with my family that the best thing is to continue with Saragossa. After the adjustments of Franco and Azon I thought it was important to renew for the club and give the new ownership a vote of confidence. Now we have to try to meet the goal, which is most important,” he explained in a press conference.

The central defender from Zaragoza revealed that the offers he had from other teams were good and at that time “everything” was considered.

“In the end I decided to stay for our people and because we are coming to difficult times. The new ownership has made a strong commitment to the youth squad and I hope to continue for many years,” he assured.

Regarding the injury sustained to the ulnar collateral ligament of the right elbow that occurred in the match against Lugoexplained that “it is not serious” but that he needs, in principle, three weeks with a splint and after that time he will undergo new tests.

In this regard, he added that his goal is to recover “as soon as possible.”

Regarding the team’s bad start to the season, which added only two points out of a possible twelve, he indicated that in previous seasons they went through “fucked up” situations and the coach instilled “work and sacrifice” in them . .

In this regard, he regrets that the work done by the team will not be reflected in the results, but he is convinced that the day they achieve a victory, the team will “shoot”.

“At the beginning of the season we only thought about promotion, but after these four games we must not forget that word, but we have to go game by game, starting from Ponferrada“, he highlighted.

French He explained that they had to learn from the mistakes made in the second half of the match Lugowhich caused them defeat, never again.

Source: La Verdad


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