Ferrari, serum or champagne: This is how they risk Leclerc at Monza


Ferrari has already given up the title in its fight against Red Bull, so that’s all that’s left for group after overshadowing all too clearly of Verstappen in recent races for his best car development, engine reliability and race execution, is to win in front of his fans in Monza. It is necessary to understand the passion of the Italian ‘tifosi’ and what it means for the whole country that Ferrari is winning at home, in front of its fans. Marc Gene clarified this in an interview MD in Italian GP. “Victory at Monza saves the year, for sure”, pointed out. The reason? The passion of fan in this race and the indelible memory generated by a Ferrari victory on this track by seeing the podium ceremony in front of a finish line full of people wearing red caps and t-shirts and flags Italian and Ferrari. And more, before the leadership of the Italian company, with John Elkann (President), Louis Camilleri (CEO) and even the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, gifts. Winning against all these personalities and the Italian tifosi generates a lot of sensation. “It’s a shot of pride, of positive energy for all these people who always support”, he pointed out score.

For all these reasons, in the paddock there is a rumor or the certainty that Ferrari has decided to risk all or nothing in Italy. It is only worth winning and winning. In Carlos Sainz they cannot aim for pole position as they will be penalized for more than necessary engine changes as their propellant has accumulated too many kilometres. But there is Leclerc can take advantage of the penalties of Verstappen Y Perez by changing the elements of its power unit to become a house pole. However, pole position was not enough for Ferrari. You have to win and for that they decided to bet everything on the red by activating all available powers of Charles. All meat on the grill.

The date is key. Ferrari is celebrating its 75th anniversary right here at the centenary of the Monza Autodrome. They like the icing.

Considering Ferrari’s engine reliability problems in several races this year, the risk is high. Can you imagine what will be the caps in Italy the day after the smoke from the Monegasque engine in front of his people? But the potential reward is greater and taking the risk pays off. It’s like a coach wants to line up a player who is still injured to win a Clásico. As they say, ‘Serum or Champagne’. Ferrari likes champagne.

including the post of Leclerc and Verstappen since the 7th, there is a sense of hope in the ‘tifosi’. There was some light and they went for it. Max he should have a higher speed with all the tires in the race and he showed and with more point, but the DRS, one of his most powerful weapons, is less effective here than Spa. And also, in racing DRS trains can be developed. This is not as easy to catch as it seems.

Everyone knew that Max was going to see Charles. But from there, you must get past him. With more mechanical power, the Monegasque would be able to defend himself with a sword instead of a knife. There could be a fight, and the simple fact that there is such a possibility is reason for hope among Italian fans and teams. They will go for success, whatever it takes and even if the engine life is less for the following appointments. What matters is Monza.

Source: La Verdad


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