Second correction followed by the UCAM


The bad feelings offered in the match against Betis were repeated on Saturday, almost as a copy, against Germany’s EWE

The UCAM of Galicia does not return very optimistically. The bad feelings of the match against Betis were repeated on Saturday, almost like a copy, against Germany’s EWE (65-83). Led by Spaniard Pedro Calles, the German team, which will not play in European competition next season, was superior to UCAM on the same principles as Betis the day before: another point of speed and energy and above all a lot more cohesion.

A run of 2-23 between the first and the start of the second quarter made Lower Saxony fly (from 9-6 to 11-29). Once again Trice put the team on his back and with 16 points in the second quarter he came very close to his team, who came to two in the third period.

But he was very lonely. The German consistency weighed a lot more and the EWE won easily. It is only the third preseason game for UCAM and they have five internationals absent, but they have only two pre-season tests to go. Green shoots need to hurry. Needs to improve urgently.

Source: La Verdad


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