Alcoyano beat Numancia and got three points (0-1)


Alcoyano beat Numancia and got three points (0-1)

Alcoyano added three points to their locker after achieving a strong victory against Numancia, whom they beat 0-1 this Sunday in Nuevo Los Pajaritos. Numancia came with the aim of increasing their score after drawing 0-0 in the last match against Eldense. For its part, Alcoyano had to settle for a goalless draw against Barcelona B. With this score, the Soria team was nineteenth, while Alcoyano was fourth at the end of the match.

In the first half neither team was successful in front of the goal, so the first 45 minutes ended with the same result of 0-0.

In the second half, luck came to the eleven from Alcoy, who took advantage of the game to open the scoring with a goal from Raúl Alcaina in the 67th minute, ending the confrontation with a final score of 0-1.

The two coaches moved the benches. The Numancia coach gave the entry to Arthur Bonaldo, Borja San Emeterio, Mahicas, Moha and Pol Vidal for Jorge Valín, Cotán, Rubén Mesa, Tur and Dani Sánchez, while Alcoyano gave the green light to Primi, Raúl Valls, Soler’s Rubio and Sergio Moyita, Pablo Carbonell, Agüero and Raúl Alcaina.

The referee of the match showed seven yellow cards. In both teams, Dani Sánchez, Jorge Valín, Mario Barco and Gorka Pérez from the home team and Álvaro Vega, Primi and Raúl Valls from the away team received yellow cards.

With this result, Numancia kept one point and Alcoyano got seven points after winning the match.

First Federation’s next commitment for Numancia is against Real Murcia, while Alcoyano will face Sabadell.

Source: La Verdad


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