Accident while washing – boiling water spilled over baby in Tyrol


Moment of shock for the parents of a four-month-old baby in Schwoich in the Tyrolean district of Kufstein: A mistake led to boiling hot water flowing over the baby. It had to be taken to hospital.

To wash the child, a 37-year-old local man heated water in a kettle on Sunday afternoon. According to the police, he usually sets the device to 50 degrees, but this time he accidentally heated the water to 100 degrees. He then gave the liquid in an open thermos to the baby’s mother, who poured it onto a cloth diaper in her hand to wash the child while changing the diaper.

Baby in hospital with minor burns
The 32-year-old slightly burned her hand. Terrified, she spilled hot water on the baby’s bare lower body. The child suffered minor burns, police said. After the emergency, the rescue took him to the district hospital in Kufstein.

Source: Krone


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