An unprecedented bump


An unprecedented bump

The Real forward has no choice but to survive the fall. After a few rather decaffeinated regattas, all that’s left is the Film Festival for Donostia to get into its usual rhythm of life. So that the rustle of leaves on the humid surface of the city can be heard, though it becomes more and more difficult. Something similar is happening now in the leadership of Imanol, empty of people, the object of a blow for which it is far-fetched to find precedents. The serious damage of Sadiq It’s more than speculation about what the Nigerian’s contribution could be in his first season. Yes, there have been cases in the past of signings crashing injuries, as soon as they arrived like the Crusader’s break from barn, for example, but the scale of this blow is incomparable. If you can’t leave Isaac In the biggest sale ever, Real will not be able to effect such an unusual move as to close, in a lightning operation, the most expensive signing in history. These names are objective, no one invented them; you need to contextualize its price value Sadiq to the lethal, strategic damage his damage does. For the True is left without great stakes; without the strong defense he did to escape the extremes of his best striker. The problem, from the beginning, is relational. Until it is signed in January, and without relying on the most accredited scorer until the winter, that is Oyarzabalis sorrel and accompany those who need to shed the burden of purple. A solution that is not easy to solve.

Source: La Verdad


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