Current investigation – sanctions: more and more Austrians are against


A recent survey shows that people are becoming increasingly critical of the EU’s measures against Russia. The reason is the huge price increase.

inflation and war. Terms that also control Austria. Initially, the willingness to help Ukrainian refugees dominated. There was also understanding for the EU sanctions against Russia. The Peace Union’s only durable weapon against aggressors. However, as in Germany, approval for the sanctions is also gradually declining in Austria.

“Letters of inflation” on the barricades
This is apparent from a study by the Institute for Demoscopy and Data Analysis (IFDD) from September 5 to 9 with a sample size of 1000. Who are the sanctions intended for? 31 percent of those polled said they were against Austrian politics, 23 percent against Russian politics and 37 percent against Russian politics. Are we suffering from the sanctions against Russia? 78 percent agree or tend to agree. Should Austria join the EU to end sanctions? Only 54 percent say no. ‘ Tendency to fall. More and more people are associating inflation with sanctions and don’t want them anymore,” said Christoph Haselmayer, head of the IFDD.

He sees the intensification of a split. “Inflation losers will rise to the barricades.” Hot autumn and winter months threatened. “I expect big demonstrations.” The FPÖ, which has always been against sanctions, could benefit from this. Or other protest movements that could arise after the presidential election.

Governors with critical tones
This makes the subject politically explosive. The governors of the federal states also question the sanctions. Most recently were Thomas Stelzer of Upper Austria (ÖVP) and Tyrol’s provincial councilor Anton Mattle (ÖVP). ÖVP party colleague and Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg promptly left to make it clear that nothing could be done about the sanctions. “It wouldn’t be possible to do it alone. You can only veto new sanctions,” says Haselmayer.

Moreover, one thing is certain: the Russian gas brake has an effect on the EU. But inflation was already underway before the war broke out. And the economy in Putin’s empire is suffering much more.

Source: Krone


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