For the first time since the start of the war, Israeli artillery fires from Gaza


Israel claims it has attacked buildings containing Hamas arsenals and other infrastructure. There are almost 18,000 people Israel has killed since the offensive on Gaza began.

The Israeli army announced this Sunday that its artillery units have started firing from the Gaza Strip for the first time since the war with Hamas began on October 7.

These units belong to the 411th battalion of the 282nd artillery regiment, which crossed the Gaza border a few days ago with M-109 guns to assist in the operations of the 188th armored brigade in the Shejaiya district of Gaza City.

The artillery fire hit more than 20 buildings in Shejaiya that the army says contained arsenals and other Hamas infrastructure, according to Israel.

Authorities in Gaza raised the provisional death toll to 17,700 this Saturday, while the number of injured rose to 48,780. More than 250 deaths and another 2,300 injuries have been recorded since Friday and this figure is likely to continue to rise as the attacks continue.

Source: EITB


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