“We are living the match against Bayern”


Real’s sports director, Garbine Etxeberria, the authorized voice that put on the table a whirlwind of emotions that Zubieta could feel. These are “amazing moments”, as the top sports official said, no less than on the eve of a preview of the Champions League. Natalia Arroyo’s team hosts on Tuesday at 7:00 pm Bayern Munich, in the first leg of the tie.

“We are already living the game,” admitted Etxeberria, despite the fact that Real’s season starts tomorrow, on the second day of the F League. goosebumps. His emotions will not surprise anyone: they have been in the section for 19 years. “In the beginning we were four cats and found it worth the effort,” she said. Garbiñe advocates “controlling our emotions” ahead of the European debut.

The meaning of playing in the Champions League is “historic” for Etxeberria. “Putting a female Real name in Europe is beautiful, wonderful,” he said. The most difficult challenge is to stay, “and hopefully we can get used to living it,” he added.

Anoeta “has another charm”

La Real challenge Bayern at Anoeta. Garbiñe said strongly that the players have adapted to playing in the stadium, which in his opinion “has a different charm”. Hernaniarra hopes that there is an atmosphere. “I feel that the team is in contact,” he emphasizes, hoping that “people who like football, people from Real, will be there.” He has confidence in Real, although he called Bayern a “very complicated” rival. In any case, “we have international players and we will be fine”.

Previously, La Real host Villarreal, tomorrow at Zubieta (4pm). The arbitration conflict is over, “a delicate issue” according to Garbiñe: “It could have been done differently, but let’s be optimistic: a historic League will begin.”

Source: La Verdad


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