A very cholista Real Madrid


East real Madrid of Ancelottiwhich was launched on the highway of the 22/23 season, winning all that crossed its path, had a team aspect cholista. Ordered on the back, cash on top. This was shown in the Madrid derby where the road map of the whites is the same as on other occasions Atletico Madrid because he is a coach for Simeon.

In fact, everyone agrees on this. Too much Carletto As the cholos They admitted it in the press conference after the game and analyzing it tactically, it was clear to see. Also in previous matches of real Madrid where, from the physical, he tries to suffocate the rival until it is time to attack him.

So, it is in the second part where the white team performs more and better. In fact, in nine games so far this season, they have scored 8 goals in the first half and 16 in the second, conceding just one goal after 45 minutes, the Mario is beautiful this Sunday, and the rest, which became five, in the first part.

And if it’s not like that in the derby, it’s because the circumstances, if they agree, are taken advantage of, and they are there. Rodrygo Y Valverde for this. However, in favor of 0-2, the team tried to protect themselves and in the end they paid dearly in the last minutes, something that always comes with teams from Simeon.

The physical, key

But behind every great coach, there is a great physical trainer. And if in the most successful period of Simeon I am ‘the teacher’ Ortegain this of Ancelotti this Antony Pintus. Two important figures in the future of the parties. Almost as much as the fact that the ball went into the goal or not. And so it was seen real Madrid He enjoys physical health at the beginning of the season where he can do anything and until the end.

A) Yes, Ancelottiwho has not married any style other than the one that always leads him to success, will continue to explore this path Cholista with a clear decision, at 63 years old, to continue learning about this sport

Source: La Verdad


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