“Frankly speaking, a point of 18 is shit”


The striker of Elche Pere Milla this Friday, in a press conference, described as “shit” the baggage of his team’s points in the first stage of the competition after adding only one point out of 18 possible.

“The numbers are what they are. I hope they are reversed, but they are what we have to live with and we have to win now”, said the Catalan, who admitted that the team lacked a “spark point”, although he remembered that in the two game. he was low before a quarter of an hour.

“It’s a shame that it happened to us today, but the important thing on matchday 38 is that the team is in the First Division,” said the striker, adding that the team is already thinking match by match. Ray and add the three points.

“We know that we started badly, but we are just one victory away from going out. The objective that we have to set ourselves is to be out on matchday 38”, he insisted Peter Milla.

Now he is 30

The attacker, who will be 30 today, reiterated that any minimal error “damages” his team “because it ends with a goal or something that tilts the field.”

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“We haven’t won yet and we have to win to get out of there. We focus on how we should do things and take care of the details”, explains Milla, who does not consider himself a heavy player in the team “but another piece of gear”.

“I spent three amazing years here and I hope to have three more”, commented the footballer, who said that he did not regret the pulse that was kept for his renewal at the club at the end of last year, when he made more in a statement saying goodbye to the entity and the fans.

“What happened was between us and the club”

“I’m here, which is what I wanted, what happened is between me and the club,” settled the player, who said he didn’t feel less important than other years despite playing few minutes.

Source: La Verdad


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