City of Vienna from 12 noon – climate demos: kick-off in Graz with 500 participants


Under the motto “#PeopleNotProfit”, known for the climate strike in March, the Fridays For Future movements called for global climate demonstrations on Friday. In Austria, activists are calling for an “#EnergiewendeFürAlle”. In Vienna, the demo train runs from Wien Mitte station via the Ring to Heldenplatz from 1 pm. In six other states, among others, people took to the streets for the upcoming climate protection law. Graz started at 9:00 am.

About 500 participants set the example on Mariahilferplatz in the Styrian capital. Climate activist and organizer Julia Čas, among others, spoke at the start and complained that a climate protection law worthy of the name was demanded for 631 days. The flow of mostly youthful activists to the square on the right bank of the Mur opposite the Schlossberg was calm but steady.

Further demos will start in Klagenfurt (12h00), Innsbruck (12h30), Linz (12h45), Vienna (1h00), St. Pölten (1h30) and Salzburg (3h00).

Climate protectors want free energy for everyone
What is new is environmentalists’ demand for basic energy security. This should make some of the energy available to the Austrians free of charge, the excess consumption should then increase moderately at first and then gradually increase. This would also motivate people to conserve energy, it said at a news conference last Tuesday. On this Friday, For Future also sent a message to the governing parties: according to it, the ÖVP should end the “blockade” of the climate protection law, while the Greens were asked not to let any more time pass.

Conservation NGOs outside the Fridays For Future movement joined the demonstrations and also broadcast on Fridays calling for social justice in the climate and energy crisis. “Energy must be affordable, safe and sustainable for everyone. Fossil fuels make us dependent on authoritarian states and burden our planet. They simply have no future,” emphasizes Lisa Reggentin of the WWF youth network Generation Earth.

Greenpeace called on the federal government to “finally tax the oil and gas companies’ immorally high profits”. Global 2000 recommended that the best way to combat the climate crisis, the energy crisis and the wave of inflation is to use renewable energy sources and reduce energy consumption.

Source: Krone


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