10 questions about the conflict between Vilda and the internationals


The request of 15 Spanish internationals by email sent to Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) of not being called up with the Spanish training team Jorge Vilda With his emotional state and health affected, he raises many questions about a long-standing and unresolved conflict. Here are some of the questions that need answers:


What are the specific reasons that lead to internationals in the plant?

There was talk of sporting reasons, but it wasn’t specified which ones or if there was anything else he didn’t want to say.


Why did they deny on September 1 that they asked Vilda to be fired?

That day, the captains of the Spanish team, Irene Paredes, Patri Guijarro and Jenni Hermoso, appeared at the press conference to explain that it was not true that the head coach had been requested.


Is it true that the coach treats starters and substitutes differently?

One of the things that has been leaked but has not yet been made public is the alleged treatment preference of the coach to some players.


What work methods do players disagree with?

Another argument used is that there are differences when it comes to employment, although what kind is not specified.


Why hasn’t Alexia Putellas spoken publicly on this controversy or the previous one?

Although it is said that the best player in the world is privately supporting his teammates, he has so far been tight-lipped about it.


What could have caused the players’ emotional instability and health problems?

It is difficult to understand that these symptoms can arise due to simple differences with the coach in strict sports matters.


Is all this controversy due to the players’ desire to put someone from their ‘rope’ at the head of the team?

This is another one of the rumors heard in recent months, that players have a series of names among their favorites.


Why didn’t any Real Madrid players take part in the last campaign?

It is very noticeable that no one from the white club supported the initiative. Some say that this is the policy of the merengue entity.


Is it true that Jorge Vilda sat in the position of coach without having made sporting merits?

His detractors blame him for being placed in that position by hand, without earning it through career or results.


Has Vilda ever received an order from above not to summon a player?

The coach was accused at the time of not summoning a player from Real Sociedad for covering the RFEF logo during his time as a protest.

Source: La Verdad


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