“Currently hopeless” – father dead: suspicious son remains silent


In the case of the 63-year-old who died in the Hötting district of Innsbruck, the suspected son (38) is still silent. It is currently “hopeless”, the man does not communicate, said Friday from the National Criminal Investigation Department in Tyrol.

It is an incredible case that the detectives of the Tiroler Staatsrecherche are currently working on: a 63-year-old is found dead in his apartment in Innsbruck. Hours later, his son marches into the airport police station and tells the officers that he “committed a murder.” After the confession, the suspect remained silent and gave no further information.

Multiple knives confiscated
An autopsy performed by the coroner on Thursday confirmed a homicide. The victim had multiple cuts. The specific murder weapon could not be identified so far. But several knives were found. Their investigation is still ongoing, according to Detective Gert Hofmann of the APA, as is the investigation into the exact course of events.

Decision on detention
Relatives had last contact with the 63-year-old from Innsbruck on Tuesday afternoon. The police received a report around 8 p.m. on Wednesday evening because it was feared an accident. An assumption that eventually turned out to be true. The man was found dead after the police, with the help of the fire service, gained access to the apartment.

The suspect was initially detained by the police. A decision will be made on Friday afternoon about the possible imposition of pre-trial detention.

Source: Krone


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