UN Commission: – Children raped and tortured in Ukraine


War crimes have been committed in the war in Ukraine, the UN Commission of Inquiry found on Friday. For example, children were “raped, tortured and illegally detained.” Russian soldiers were also mistreated in two cases, said chairman Erik Møse.

“The commission has established that war crimes have been committed in Ukraine,” UN commission chairman Erik Møse said on Friday. The Norwegian mentioned air raids on populated areas, the large number of shootings and mass graves as examples. For example, cluster munitions were used in the shelling of Kharkiv.

war crimes on both sides
In addition, the former head of the UN war crimes tribunal for Rwanda reported that children had been raped, tortured and illegally detained. He also mentioned two cases of battered Russian soldiers in the UN Human Rights Council. “Although they are few, we will continue to investigate them,” Møse said. On this occasion, he also emphasized that the committee is independent and impartial in its work. Employees visited 27 towns and settlements and spoke to 150 victims and witnesses.

They have visited ruined places, graves, prisons and torture chambers. The Commission is “concerned” about the suffering of civilians caused by the war. In the ensuing debate, the representative of Ukraine took the floor and again called for an international tribunal for Russian war crimes in Ukraine. The Austrian representative Désirée Schweitzer also took the floor. She was “shocked by the numerous reports of war crimes” and called on those responsible to hold them accountable. 20 employees in Vienna search and collect evidence.

No cooperation with Moscow
Russia did not attend the meeting and had previously refused to cooperate with the commission set up in March. Accusations of war crimes have been around for a long time. Examples allegedly committed by the Russian army are the many dead civilians in Bucha and Izyum, some of which were found with traces of torture. In a report, Amnesty International accuses Ukraine of waging war designed to endanger civilians. There are also allegations that the Ukrainian army has fired at civilians in Russian-occupied areas.

Source: Krone


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