Sainz: "Q3 was an absolute disaster"


If the session Australian F1 GP qualification this Saturday was repeated 100 times, at approximately 99, Carlos will fight for the pole. Unexpectedly, the Spaniard was affected by two blows of bad luck unrelated to his driving. He signed a perfect weekend, with better speed from the start than his teammate Leclerc, more comfortable in his car and with clear options to go for the first pole of his career in sports. But he finished 9th. Incomprehensible, like two things that caused him to land in such a position. A series of things that destiny is unlikely to want to happen today to make Carlos ’day bitter.

The Spaniards missed the first time of Leclerc in the second sector on his first attempt in Q3, but when he was a few meters from the finish, he saw a red light come on the panels. It was a red flag caused by Alonso’s accident. His time cannot be counted. And from there his ranking will be even worse.

He only has one option back. He is playing cards. But a new surprise came: his car was out of order due to a problem. He ran out of time to warm up the tires, and in the cold of the tires he had to attack all that was lost, unable to resist the pole he saw so close to his hands.

“We had Q3 the reality was an absolute disaster, first with the red flag, not allowing us to put a lap there at the start of the session which would be a good time to get there in front and it left the us a red flag when I cross the finish line, “he explained to ‘DAZN F1’.

“And then on the second set of tires the car wouldn’t start. We had tires ready to do a warm up lap and then pull, and the car for some reason didn’t start, we didn’t react quickly. . We got off the track late and I was on a lap with a cold tirewithout being able to heat up and that is why we are so far away. I do not know. You have to study it, but it’s been a Q3 that’s been a disaster ”added the rider from Madrid, deeply disappointed with everything that happened in a day to be remembered.

To make matters worse, this Saturday it was announced that one of the 4 DRS zones was being removed due to security. This, on a circuit where hard to reach, will complicate matters for him in finding a comeback.

“Furthermore, they have removed the fourth DRS zone, so overtaking will be more complicated. Also, this weekend it looks like all the cars will be close together and Red Bull and Ferrari have no advantage that we probably have on other circuits. So tomorrow will be a difficult day, but we have to try to go back as best we can “, Carlos concluded, knowing that this Saturday he can celebrate his first pole position and send a message of strength to his colleagues. Leclerc that’s all ferrari.

Source: La Verdad


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