Larne P&O’s statement is still pending despite being released from a safety check


P&O European Causeway Ferry attached to Blarney

This morning, the company said the P&O ferry service between Larne and Kernian has “discontinued”.

The ferry company issued a warning after 9 a.m. Saturday.

But the update came after the Larney ship was “released” after a security check. It is unclear why the service was suspended and P&O reached out for comment.

On its Twitter account, the company said: “#POLarne #POCairnryan services have been suspended. It is no longer possible for us to arrange travel on this route through an alternative operator. For essential trips, consumers are advised to find an alternative…”

The Palestinian News Agency reported last night that the P&O ferry in Larna has been released from custody after being re-inspected by naval officers.

The European Bridge was arrested in the coastal city last month after the company laid off nearly 800 workers.

The Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) said the re-inspection was at the request of P&O.

An MCA spokesperson said: “Route Europe has been launched after a ferry re-examination in the past two days.

“There are no further P&O Ferries inspections this weekend.”

Source: Belfastlive


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