How much does it cost to run four devices even when not in use


A simple change can save you hundreds of pounds on your bill

According to an expert, some devices withdraw large amounts of money from your bank account even when you are not using them, says the expert, there are simple steps to save hundreds of pounds. Discount Code Natalia Lachin saw how much it costs to spoil each dress, with tips on how to make huge savings.

Natalia says the biggest drain in many homes is the fridge/freezer, which runs continuously and uses up to 12% of your home’s energy budget. He said: “Given that the refrigerator/freezer must always be on, it is not surprising that more than 12% of the entire household’s energy comes from the refrigerator/freezer alone, which costs households approximately 4,114.24 per year.

“Of course, you can’t just turn off your fridge/freezer when you’re not using it, there are ways to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible, which means you’re paying the minimum required. Regular cleaning of the fridge, both outside and inside, is. The easiest way to make sure it’s working. effectively.

“Dusting the outside means that dust will not get into the system and will not affect its operation, while cleaning the inside and destroying any old food means the refrigerator does not need to work hard to freeze the food.”

98% of households in the UK always leave their TV on standby. Natalya said that’s a massive flow of energy and it’s going to get even worse if you’re a player.

He continued, “Many people mistakenly think that turning off the remote turns it off completely, but this is not always the case. To turn the TV on and off using 1.3 kWh. Because the average electricity cost is now 28 0.28. The unit, can That adds £132.86 to your bill annually.

Game consoles usually stay up and running just like TVs and often go unnoticed. Turning it off completely can save you 4.20 every day, because when a typical game console remains in standby mode, it consumes up to 15 kWh of power. Then. “

However, leaving the phone charger on will add about 20-20 to your annual bill.

Source: Belfastlive


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