Racing makes an impression


Victory for Racing Murcia in a race that consisted of two very different parts. Perona’s men left the clash on track in the first period, but Imperial didn’t give up until the end.

Racing struck first and on the 15th Antonio gave his team the lead. With no time to recover, the Grana daughter took a second pitcher of cold water seven minutes later, aiming for Alejo. Before half time Antonio put the game back on track with 0-3.

In the first minute of the second half, from a direct free kick and with help from Marc Aznar who was out of order, Sergio Cases made the 0-4 that seemed to doom the game. The four substitutions David Sánchez made at halftime to change the dynamics were a shock.

Javi López Orihuela first and Navarro then got Imperial into full play and had several chances for third, which ultimately failed to come.

Source: La Verdad


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