Series of intimidation – hitting key on meter cupboard in rectory


A resident kept cutting off the electricity in a residential building in the parish of Gmunden (Upper Austria). Since not everyone liked it, a series of ugly events took place.

The occasion sounds bizarre, the effects were anything but funny. An Iranian (37) who lives in the residential building of the Gmunden Evangelical parish apparently has something against the fact that other residents have access to electricity at night. For that reason, much to everyone’s chagrin, he repeatedly manipulated the distribution box. To prevent such harassment in the future, the caretaker has now locked the junction box and kept the key.

housekeeper threatened
This action apparently excited the Iranian immensely. He caught the 74-year-old on Saturday, startled and threatened him with raised fists. A neighbor (62) who witnessed the altercation alerted police. But the Iranian also behaved extremely aggressively towards the officials. He threatened to kill them and vigorously resisted arrest. He was taken to Wels Prison for resisting state authority.

Up to three years in prison
The suspect had already been reported on September 17 for assault – he would have strangled a neighbor. He is also charged with two property damage and other dangerous threats. “The maximum penalty is a maximum of three years in prison,” emphasizes prosecutor Christoph Weber.

Source: Krone


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