Algezares and Balsicas take the lead in group 1


Triple draw leads group 2, with Jumilla, Churra and El Raal with four points

Many goals on the second day in Preferred Autonomous. In group 1, and in a bad game and a small game, Aljorra and Santa Cruz, recently promoted, were number one. Riquelme gave the visitors the lead and five minutes before the end Amine equalized.

Five goals were scored in the Mar Menor-Algezares (2-3). The visitors were superior in the first twenty minutes, hence the 0-2 with goals from Riquelme and Jesús. Corri closed the gap with a penalty, but Bruno’s 1-3 condemned the locals who scored their second goal thanks to Pablo Medina. A draw would have been justified.

Two punctual failures by El Algar’s defenses made the second defeat fit, this time in Totana. Miguel Peñalver’s team dominated more, but Juanico, Nico and Charaf were not successful. Joel and Lassine gave the first joy to the local fans.

A fair draw between Mazarrón and Minerva in a match that could have been won by one of the contenders in a nice encounter. Pablo, local goalkeeper, saved from defeat by saving a penalty to La Minerva.

A victory for Bala Azul, who was superior to Águilas in the areas. Pilas (2) and Nacho gave Pablo Lozano’s team the first victory. And Carlos Barrachina gave Balsicas the win in 89 against Lumbreras.

El Raal hit Beniel (0-2) with goals from Coll, from a penalty, and Nacho. Beniel played better in the second half, despite having one player less due to the exclusion of Sergio Gallego, but they did not come up with any clear scoring opportunities. In discount time, the local Alex was evicted with a direct red card.

In a very weak match, Yeclano narrowly defeated one of the top favorites for the title, Montecasillas. With no chances for both, he decided on a goal from Ismael.

Another five goals were scored in the Churra-Abarán in a match that was even and with chances for both contenders, but with the peculiarity that the locals were more effective in front of goal. Fenoll, who had missed a penalty at 1-0, and Cristóbal came back from Matías’ 1-0 lead, but in just three minutes Michael, twice, the first from a penalty, gave his team the win.

First win for Cholo’s Plus Ultra against Fortuna (3-2). Fair local win in a good first half in which they were able to convict despite Fran taking the lead. The Plus Ultra came back through Elías and Tiku, and with the 2-1 came the ouster of local Adriano. With one man less, in added time, Outmane equalized and Soto was convicted in the last 3-2.

Also Jumilla’s first win, 1-0 against Molinense, with a goal from Gabri as the locals went down one less due to the elimination of side Víctor Segura. Jumilla’s good stance against a Molina with projection who deserved the draw according to his scoring chances, but the Kiwi defended well.

Finally a deserved win for Los Garres against an unknown Cabezo de Torres. Labiad scored the only goal of the game and goalkeeper Ojeda saved his team from a landslide.

Source: La Verdad


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