Kubo&Sorloth: a historical ‘connection’


‘I understand him and he understands me”. Take Kubo He spoke with his usual clarity and a certain restraint after Girona’s successful goal celebration. He referred to the unmistakable chemistry he maintains alexander sorloth with one word, also pronounced in English: ‘Connection’. A clear understanding of the attackers led Real to its richest game in favor of away since February 8, 2016. Five goals as five solo.

In the last three official matches, sorlot He scored four goals, three of them assisted by hut, and gave one last pass, definitely to the Japanese, and the Kawasaki striker scored a goal and starred in the last three Norwegian services -Omonia, Espanyol and Girona-. New point-picking duo, with proverbial importance due to increasing casualties in the most offensive part of the team.

They beat themselves

The offensive couple let their hair down and get over themselves. sorlot He has scored as many goals in four league games this season, three, as all of last season -he played 32 league games-. But is that it? hut This surpasses the number he signed in the entire previous campaign in Mallorca. He has already celebrated two ‘txitxarros’ in seven league games, against Cádiz and Girona, while in 2021/22 he has kept to one in 28 league games.

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“I have a lot of confidence sorlotI know I can beat the defender on the run and when I receive, I just have the goal in mind and when I hit I know I’m going in”. This is how the Japanese described his purpose. However, it is Brace confirming his status as the team’s leading scorer with five goals, four in the league.

The three pluses Zubimendi, they achieved a small hand away from home. The previous ones were in 2015/16 against Espanyol (0-5) and in 2012/13 against Valencia (2-5).

Source: La Verdad


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