Sample punishment for seven cyclists in Portugal for doping


The Portuguese of W52-FC Porto João Rodrigueswinner of Volta and Portugal 2019was sentenced to 7 years, while the other 6 cyclists of the team received a three-year sentence of Portuguese Anti-Doping Authority.

According to the list of disciplinary sanctions, Rodrigues must serve a four-year sentence imposed by International Cycling Union (UCI)for “biological passport” anomalies, and another three years for “possession of a prohibited method” by sanction of the Anti-Doping Authority.

The agency clarified that the three-year ban against Rodrigues, who won the Algarve tour in 2021will take effect “between July 15, 2026 and July 14, 2029, after fulfilling the four-year penalty imposed by the UCI”.

On the other hand, Rui Vinhas (winner of Volta a Portugal in 2016), Ricardo Mestre (winner of the same test in 2011), Ricardo Vilela, Daniel Mestre, Jose Neves and Samuel Caldeira they were sanctioned for three years for “possession of prohibited substance and prohibited method”.

Vinhas and Daniel Mestre was punished for the possession of betamethasone, while José Neves, Ricardo Mestre, Samuel Caldeira and Ricardo Vilela they have growth hormones, among other substances.

The Anti-Doping Authority He pointed out that seven cyclists saw their penalties reduced after admitting to breaking the regulations.

The Portuguese Cycling Federation He emphasized this Tuesday in a statement that the investigation into this doping is “a case of extreme seriousness”, because “it shows contempt for the truth in sports and the ethical principles which all sports agents depends.”

Also, he reiterated his “confidence” in the authorities in charge of investigating the case.

“Justice has its times and must be pursued with complete silence without external interference or media diligence from the parties involved,” he defended, adding that he strengthened the requirements for the registration of continental teams in 2023 season and the passport will be applied. biological in the national platoon.

He recalled that, although the case of these 7 athletes is closed on the sports side, “the process is still ongoing in the sports court for the remaining elements suspended preventively and in civil justice” of all the agents who are considered “arguidos” (formal suspects).

He also said that the current moment “demands” to work “for the future of professional cycling that is done in Portugal with rigor and ethics.”

“All sports agents must have a modern and forward-looking vision and be responsible for mistakes made in the past,” he continued.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) decided in July to revoke the team’s sports license W52-FC Portotherefore the team could not participate in the Volta a Portugal organized in August due to doping investigations.

Source: La Verdad


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